Mike Tedder

My images often map a journey from points ‘a’ to ‘b’, while sometimes revealing that possible onward route towards ‘c’.”

While studying art and studio practice at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, he received an introduction to the basic techniques and the excitement of printmaking. Since graduation the print has, in its various forms, developed into an essential part of his artistic practice. He has experimented with woodcut, etching and monoprint, while also exploring light sensitive emulsions for lens-less processes such as photograms and cyanotypes. Since a young boy armed with his very first camera, Mike Tedder has been fascinated by the photographic process, particularly Polaroid instant type emulsions and the ethereal nature of image making using failing expired and often extinct film/chemistry.

Collage and pleasure in language, letters as signs, Words, turns of phrase, and literal translation are all intrinsic elements of personal expressionism within his artwork. An artist from an Anglo-Swiss background, he is passionate about Europe and excited by cross-border collaborations throughout the EU and beyond. During the Dover Studio Collective open studios he will be showing a selection of block prints, monoprints, lino-cuts and a range of print/collages new for 2021.